Erin PortraitV01About Erin


Erin – Microblading Technician, Lash Technician

Erin is a registered nurse and has been nursing for more than 15 years, with qualifications in surgical nursing, infection control and immunisations.  She has worked in many areas of surgical and community nursing caring for patients with complex wound care needs. 

Erin is making the transition to cosmetic nursing.  She completed her training in microblading and lash lifting this year. She will be completing an injecting course for botox and dermal fillers in 2018.

As a nurse, Erin understands the importance of maintaining excellent infection control practices to help prevent skin infections from occurring.  As microblading involves making small cuts in the skin, it is important to perform this procedure in a sterile and clean environment.  Aftercare is equally as important, for which Erin can provide you with precise guidelines and follow-up support if needed.

Erin is dedicated to offering the very best service and outcomes for her clients.